NameCategory of appointmentTerm of officeNotes

Alan Chambers

Appointed by members01.02.23 – 31.01.27Chair of Board of Trustees

Jane Rosemary Chandler

Appointed by members07.02.22 – 06.02.26Vice-chair of Board of Trustees; Chair of Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Amanda Jane Compton

Appointed by members01.02.23 – 31.01.27CEO and Accounting Officer

Kate Donachie

Appointed by members19.10.20 – 18.10.24

Richard Trevor McIntosh

Appointed by GB/board01.02.23 – 31.01.27Local Governor, Kensington Avenue Primary School

Josephine Okokon

Appointed by GB/board11.12.23 – 10.12.27

Dale Kernohan

Appointed by GB/board17.10.22 – 16.10.26

Rachael Stone

Appointed by GB/board16.10.23 – 15.10.27Appointed 10.23

Kelly Smith

Appointed by GB/board11.12.23 – 10.12.27

Kemi Arogundade

Appointed by GB/board12.02.24 – 11.02.28

Clare Cranham

Appointed by members01.02.23 – 31.01.27Resigned 16.10.23

Lyla Dey

Appointed by members17.05.21 – 16.05.25Resigned 31.08.23

Our trustees can be contacted at the following address:

The Manor Trust
Norbury High School for Girls
Kensington Avenue
Thornton Heath

Tel: 020 8679 0062