Kensington Avenue Primary School - LGB

NameAppointedManner of appointmentTerm of office endsPositionNotes

Lisa Allen

23.03.20Elected by school staff22.03.24Staff Governor

Pammy Bhambra-Kaura

21.03.20Elected by school staff20.03.24Staff Governor

Clare Cranham


The Revd Alison Brunt

30.09.21Appointed by GB/board29.09.25Community Governor

Richard McIntosh

03.09.21Appointed by GB/board29.09.25Chair, Link Governor to Trust Board

Gavin Walles

30.09.21Appointed by GB/board29.09.25Co-opted Governor

Emily Mcleod

11.07.19Appointed by GB/board31.08.23Co-opted Governor

George Barnes

30.09.21Appointed by GB/board29.09.25Community Governor

Sophia Nesbeth

09.12.21Parent appointed by GB/board due to no election candidates08.12.25Parent Governor

Ayesha Ahad

01.07.22Elected by parents30.06.26Parent Governor

Norbury High School for Girls - LGB

NameAppointedManner of appointmentTerm of office endsPositionNotes

Caroline Parker

01.11.21Elected by parents01.03.25Chair; Parent Governor

Markieu Hayden


Danielle Davis

27.03.23Elected by staff26.03.27Staff Governor

Ope Akinyele

27.03.23Appointed by GB/board26.03.27Community Governor

Joyce Bosa

04.07.22Appointed by GB/board03.07.26Local Governor

Sarah Salimullah

27.03.22Elected by parents26.03.26Parent Governor

Rufus Duits

03.07.23Appointed by GB/board02.07.27Local Governor

Robert Adams

29.03.22Appointed by GB/board28.03.26Local GovernorResigned 04.09.23

Shaha Ali

14.10.20Co-opted13.10.24Vice Chair and Community GovernorResigned 21.07.23

Mary Turner

01.11.21Co-opted31.12.23Local GovernorResigned 16.11.23

Simone Tully-Kedge

24.02.21Co-opted23.02.25Local GovernorResigned 07.06.23