Kensington Avenue Primary School (KAPS) has introduced Studybugs, a new app that parents and carers can use to report their child’s absence.

Studybugs helps save parents time; it takes seconds to give the school all the information they need and absences don’t need to be reported during school hours. The app also helps safeguard children at our primary academy by automating sickness/absence reporting so that the school knows straight away if any children are unaccounted for. It verifies that reports have really come from parents and carers and contributes to public health by collecting anonymised data on illnesses circulating locally which can help schools, parents and public health organisations take preventative action as early as possible.

While it doesn’t provide medical advice or diagnosis (for which a GP should be consulted), Studybugs can help with official guidance from the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on the need to stay off school based on the symptoms or illnesses entered.

Parents/carers can visit the Kensington Avenue Primary School website or speak to the school office for more information or to check data privacy concerns.

To download or access the app via a browser parents should visit the Studybugs website.