Kensington Avenue Primary School (KAPS) took education beyond the confines of its buildings on 18th May as it participated in Outdoor Classroom Day, a global movement which campaigns to make time spent outside part of every child’s day.

Students at the academy completed a carousel of ‘unplugged’ computing activities. They worked in pairs to build robots using LEGO blocks while following only verbal instructions. They also learned about algorithms and sequences, using the school’s Sphero robots to complete directional tasks. A ‘Code a Friend’ task required one child to act as a robot and another as a programmer; the programmer used chalk to write instructions which the ‘robot’ then had to follow. Students also made an ’emotion robot’ using strips of paper and different expressions they chose.

Outdoor Classroom Day at KAPS (Kensington Avenue Primary School) poster

KAPS’ Ruby Class had an outdoor PE lesson and enjoyed a minibeast hunt in the academy’s Forest School area.

Sapphire Class sketched plants in the Edible Playground as well as planting herbs such as mint, lemon balm and rosemary from cuttings. They watered the garden with rain water and enjoyed an outdoor music session.

Emerald Class went on an insect hunt in the Forest School area and looked for minibeast habitats in the Edible Playground.

Find out more about Outdoor Classroom Day here or watch the video below.

Image by Krzysztof Niewolny reproduced with thanks.