Work on display at the Norbury High Science FairThe Norbury High Science Fair and Physics Challenge took place on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th May.

The Physics Challenge was open to students from year groups 7-10 at our secondary academy and those who took part were rewarded with house points and certificates.

Ms Muzenda, Head of Science at the academy, said: “The atmosphere at the fair was absolutely buzzing with excitement as students eagerly showcased their STEM projects.

I was thoroughly impressed by the level of research and knowledge displayed by the students. They confidently answered questions, showcasing their deep understanding of their projects… Their behaviour reflected that of mature scientists who take their work seriously.”

Mrs Spirydon, Head of the school’s MFL Faculty who also attended, said: “It was superb! The students were all incredibly knowledgeable and articulate and I have learnt a lot from them.”

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