Artwork by Yasmin Ahmed, a student at Norbury High School for Girls, in celebration of diversity

Norbury High School for Girls held its annual Culture Day on 5th May.

This much-loved event invites students to share aspects of a culture – or cultures – close to their heart in celebration of the school community’s diversity.

This year, the main hall at Norbury High School for Girls was transformed into a riot of colour with student-designed displays and an art exhibition showcasing some exceptional work including the piece on the right by year 10 student and overall winner, Yasmin Ahmed.

At lunchtime, 40 students paraded along a catwalk dressed in a range of stylish and vibrant outfits accompanied by music from across the globe.

The day concluded with staff and students sharing a selection of world foods. Tasty treats on offer included empanadas, jerk chicken, crȇpes, samosas, Persian sweets and cheesecake. The event raised over £180 for the Refugee Council, a UK charity which supports and empowers those who have fled conflict, violence and persecution.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder reproduced with thanks.

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