Norbury High Awarded 2024 Eco-Schools Green FlagStudents at Norbury High School for Girls have once again received international accreditation for their exceptional work in promoting sustainability and raising environmental awareness among their peers at the secondary academy.

The Eco-Schools programme, established in 1994, is now implemented in over 70 countries worldwide. In 2023/24, more than 1.4 million students attended an Eco-School in England. The programme follows a tried-and-trusted seven-step framework, that encourages young people to explore a variety of environmental issues before spearheading environmental action in their school and local community.

Since Norbury High School for Girls first engaged with the Eco-Schools programme in 2022/23, accomplishments have included forming an Eco-Committee and conducting an environmental review to assess the school’s eco-credentials, reviewing everything from biodiversity in the school grounds to the ways students and staff members travelled to school. The Eco-Committee planned further action designed to advance their school’s green credentials and improve the local environment, developing an Eco-Code along the way to encourage best practice.

Eco-Schools England Manager, Adam Flint, said: ‘The Eco-Schools’ Green Flag is an international benchmark that demonstrates a commitment to fighting climate change and high standard of sustainable practice. Students and staff who earn this award deserve recognition for their dedication toward protecting our planet. Every day, they demonstrate that each of us can contribute to making our planet a better, more sustainable, place.’

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